NIERO LTD. has been providing  a complete range of superior analytical instruments including reagents and consumables, laboratory equipment, training and services for more effective laboratory practice since our founding in 1991.

It is our mission — through continuous innovations advancing, dedication, and fresh thinking – is to constantly raise the bar and standards, providing scientists and analysts with cutting edge instruments that deliver extraordinarily accurate analysis.

Our driving force is to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction throughout the lifetime of the equipment and we are deeply committed to providing laboratories with technically superior products and services to meet their research and routine analysis needs.

We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to offer unparalleled expertise in helping corporations and universities lead the way in providing customer solutions to a wide variety of industries from semiconductor and machine manufacture to biotechnology and environmental monitoring developing services enabling business agility in response to any market challenge.

NIERO LTD. — is the analytical instrument company that more corporations, government and regulating agencies, the academic research centers and universities are choosing to do business with.


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